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Ennai Kathirika
Non Vegetarian

brinjal preferably the green ones 1/4 kg
tamrind paste 6 tsp
gingelly oil 6 tsp
mustard seeds-1/2 spoon
curry leaves a spring
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
methi seeds 1/2 spoon
dry masala:
daniya seeds 50gms
udad dal 50gms
red chilli 50gms
asofetidia a pinch
salt for taste.

dry roast the dry masala ingredients.
grind it into a smooth powder .
wash the brinjals ,just cut the stem n without totally cutting the brinjal make four cuts in the brinjals.
fill the masala into each of these whole brinjals.leave the remaining masala for the gravy
in a deep pot,heat the oil,splater the mustard seeds,methi seeds n turmeric powder once the oil is hot,also add the curry place the brinjals one by one slowly in the pan n let it get fried for abt a minute.
now pour the rest of the masala,n the tamrind water.let this cook covered ,in medium flame for abt 1/2 hr.check after every 15mins.
the indication for it to be completely cooked will be when the oil comes above the gravy.
serve hot with steamed rice n papadum.
ps:quantity of chilli can vary according to ones tastes.usually the spice is very high

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