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Guhapriyas Personal Page

My Kitchen
My Family

Hello and welcome to my abode. I thought I need some space to put together and share my thoughts and ideas. Here you can find an introduction about me and my family.

In my Kitchen you will find a good collection of Indian recipes, Tips and a glossary of Indian condiments.You are most welcome to post your recipes and give your suggestions .

I have also included some useful links and quotations that have influenced me alot.

As far as about me, I was born in 1973 and raised in chennai,at present in US.My parents Shri Narrayanan and Smt Soundaram have given me the best inlife and have influened me a lot in all my endeavours.They found me a better half in the year 1999.Shivakumar,a software engineer has always been more of a good friend and encouraged me in all my activities .I am blessed with a beautiful daughter Keerthana ,who lately devours most of my time.My hobbies are cooking and painting.I think thats more than enough to know about me and I hope you find the following pages useful to you.

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